Termite And White Ant Treatments

Expert Termite Treatments in Brisbane

Termite And White Ant Treatments

1 in 4 Australian homes will be affected by termites in their lifetime.

​Termites are pests that can cause extensive damage and significant financial loss to a home or building owner. As termites work in a concealed manner, the extent of damage caused by them can be potentially life changing, as most people’s biggest investment is their home and once a colony of termites have moved in, the financial loss can be enormous. A timber pest Inspection or termite inspection is the best way to identify termite activity and conditions conducive to termite attack. Without an annual inspection, termites may go undetected and cause major structural damage as well as damage to finishing timbers, framing timbers and even furniture. In fact, termite damage is so common that it costs Australians approximately 900 million dollars every year.

Ozrid Pest Control is an industry leader and is at the forefront of termite management. Our procedures for Termite treatments and white ant treatment in Brisbane start with the all-important identification stage. By correctly identifying the species of termite, determining the severity of an infestation and also the extent of damage that has been caused to a structure, we can tailor a termite management plan to meet your needs. Our Termite inspections are performed by a fully licensed expert, who carries out a thorough inspection of the premises as specified under the Australian Standard. This detailed inspection will ultimately identify the conditions conducive to termite attack, detect any potential termite activity within the house, as well as provide recommendations on how to rectify these issues.

​The manner in which a house or building was constructed can dictate the effectiveness of a termite management system/s. There are three main systems we implement to existing homes under our procedure of termite control in Brisbane which are; Chemical treatment zones (termite barriers), termite monitoring stations and termite bait stations. These three systems play a major role in protecting a home against termite attack and can be installed by one of our qualified technicians.

We are the leading name in pest control, backed by years of experience. Ozrid will go above and beyond to ensure the highest possible standard for termite inspections, termite eradication and termite treatments ensuring customer satisfaction every time.

Here are the highlights of our termite and White Ant treatment services

  • We are a QBCC licensed business
  • We are fully insured
  • All our products have been approved be the APVMA
  • Our services are compliant with the Australian Standard
  • We only use fully trained professionals
  • We can usually tailor a solution within 24hrs

Simply call us, and one of our technicians will meet you on site for an obligation free quote.You can rest easy knowing you’re in the hands of experienced professionals with the right knowledge and attitude to get the job done.

At Ozrid Pest Control “we won’t rest when a pest is your guest”.

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